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L.A.GUNS is Rockin' once more!
With another NEW singer who kicks ASS!
His name is "Ralph Saenz". He used to be in
a "Van Halen" tribute band called "Atomic Punks"
I got to see "L.A.Guns" open for "Slaughter"
on Nov,1st 1997 And let me tell you ater losing
interest in them during the
"Vicious Circle & American Hardcore" albums.
I'll go see them any chance I get! They're back
playing good old Rock n' Roll again.
And "Ralph was a much needed addition to this band
See them live if you get the chance!

90s L.A.Guns
This Is Ralph 80s flashback Or What?

Here's Some Pictures I Took On Nov 1st, 1997
Ralph Ralph &Tracii
Tracii Ralph
Ralph & Tracii Ralph & Tracii

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