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Week of Feb 22nd-28th
1.ReviewedMike Tramps CAPRICORN Disc
2.Added a link on main page to Mtv FEED BACK

Week of Feb 1st-7th
1.Added aSKID ROW Page

Week of Jan 4th-10th
1.Added aTRIXTER Page

Whole Month Of JAN co-authored the
Unofficial Hair of the Dog HomePage
Check Back Often!!!

Music Related News

1.It's official! CINDERELLA has signed to SONY! What ever the reason is for SONY going after all these great bands (POISON, RATT, AEROSMITH) I don't care! Just let them keep signing!

2. VIXEN Yes I said VIXEN is currently working on an album to be released in the spring!

3. Hair of the Dog who was up for "Best new band of 97" in Metal Edges Readers Choice Awards. Came in third in the voting, I personally can't see how they didn't get first.

4. The BULLET BOYS as you know are back together and planning on heading into the studio to cut a new record. WELL ALRIGHT!

5. MOTLEY CRUE are planning to start work on a new record soon. Lets hope it is a hell of alot better than GENERATION was.