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The Following Pictures Are Of My Friends
Who are going to kill me when they see this. (LOL)

First up is T-EEE (Teddy)

Teddy lives in Massachusetts. And is absolutley Bezerk!
And he is single ladies! Interested?
For more info on T-eee Visit his website.

Next up Here's Johnny!

Johnny lives just outside of Orlando Fl.
And He too is single ladies!
Too find out more about Johnny visit his website.
Back By Popular Demand

Okay Here's Joe-Bum (Joey)

A Former Marine. Can You Tell?
Joe-Bum Also lives just outside Orlando Fl.
Joey and I However were born and raised in Massachusetts
Up until November He had a website.

And Finally Here's Gooch (Rob)
1991 and Present

Gooch loves his food.(lol)
He lives in Massachusetts. And we grew up together.
Gooch should have a website up soon. "Watch Out!"